Our Mission

One Nation United was founded to win back seats in congress so we can get America back on-track to creating laws and policies that benefit the people.

Since the 2010 Citizen United decision, republican-aligned Super PACs have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to fund false and negative campaigns against Democratic House and Senate candidates along with an unprecedented campaign to dishonor and malign President Obama. The overwhelming amount of republican-aligned TV advertising in 2010 was devastating to many House and Senate candidates.

This flood of money into ad campaigns and right wing media groups like FOX News has shifted views of Americans so far to the right, that a candidate like Donald Trump was acceptable to a wide group of voters due to the near constant exposure to ads and pseudo-news reports that present a false narrative to the public. Unfortunately this was a winning strategy and Trump won the election.

Republican-aligned PAC advertising and opinion positioning strategies are outdated. Their only advantage is the sheer amount of dollars they can throw at advertising and paid media pundits. One Nation United uses only the most impactful methods to engage voters and get the message and strategy out to defend the most vulnerable Democratic House and Senate candidates. We will bring the fight to them on their own block, city or state to hold back the onslaught of massive Republican-aligned ad spending.

What We Believe

This is a fight you are already in. We are all in the ring in this fight for justice and respect for human rights, the acknowledgement of science and climate change, the rights of voters and every other decision made by congress that effects all of us all. Currently most people are in the ring with their hands tied behind their backs taking blow after blow. Untie your hands and strike back with us. If we unite there is no reason we cannot at the very least take back the senate majority.

No Country For Bench-Warmers

Our country cannot withstand another 4 to 8 years of Republican obstructionism in congress, therefore our mission is more critical than ever. One Nation United believes that just getting the message out is only part of the solution, we must also give voters methods and techniques they can use to affect change in their personal networks.