How Much Can We Afford To Lose?

So what is actually at risk? In this election, everything is at risk. With Trump as president and a Republican controlled House and Senate there would be no stopping their agenda of rolling back almost every, civil right, voting right, medical right, and corporate regulation enacted since the 60s.

The inflammatory rhetoric from the Right proposes continuous military action worldwide while simultaneously damaging the relationships with our closest allies. This is no country for bench-warmers. Everyone has to get in the game if we want to win this election season and protect the freedoms we have, and secure the progress for tomorrow.

Ensuring Affordable Health Care

Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act and once again allow insurance companies to discriminate against women and deny people with pre-existing conditions insurance. Their plan would throw 24 million people off of their healthcare plans. Their interest lie with corporate profits instead of the people they serve.

One Nation United supports a system that will not bankrupt you just because you need to pay for prescription drugs.

Strengthening the Middle Class

Republicans in congress want to give hideously-big tax breaks to millionaires and corporations while the middle class foots the bill. Tax relief should be available to hard-working middle class families.

We are fighting for fair tax laws that ensure billionaires pay at least the same tax rate that their janitor pays. We want wealthy corporations to hold-up their tax burden so small companies don’t have to carry it for them.

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

Republicans want to cut social security benefits which would put an undue burden on seniors and other vulnerable segments of our population. They would like to privatize Medicare and Social Security to allow the money you pay-in to be invested in the financial markets at the whim of the deregulated market they seek.

We will seek make the Social Security stronger for generations to come. The government made a promise with Social Security, that we intend to keep.

Defending Women’s Health Care

We believe that all American women should have access to quality and affordable reproductive health care. We support the right of women to make health care decisions concerning their-own bodies.

We believe access to birth control and preventative care must be protected from the right-wing Republican agenda. Republicans in congress want to defund Planned Parenthood and further remove options for women in need of medical help.

Making College Affordable

All families in America should have access to affordable college tuition that doesn’t put them under the yoke of massive debt. Democrats have a plan to provide federal grants to states were public colleges have no-loan tuition programs in-place.

Under the  Democrat’s plan, Americans would be able to refinance their student loans at lower interest rates saving students and families untold sums of money.

Protecting Labor Unions

One of the most successful lies in modern US politics has been that of “right to work” laws, which break unions under the guise of protecting workers. – The Guardian

The GOP is in bed with big corporations that want to break the unions. Unions are the barrier wall keeping out a flood of low paying and unsafe jobs in America. Without the collective strength of unions, companies would drive down wages in favor of making higher profits for their investors at the expense of their workforce. Unions are the champions of workers rights, workplace safety, and healthcare. We cannot let Trump and the GOP destroy the institutions that fight for the rights of all workers.

Protecting Our Environment

The majority of Republicans controlling congress question the science behind climate change and deny that global warming is directly attributable to the actions of humans. The want to further deregulate environmental protections and refuse to pass any meaningful legislation to protect our planet. By nominating Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Trump and the Republicans have sent a clear signal that they want to destroy the EPA and erase the environmental progress made over the last 30 years.

We want clean-renewable energy to power every home by 2020 through the use of solar panels and other clean energy sources.

Fighting for Women’s Rights & Opportunity

We are fighting for the rights of women and their right to equal opportunity. We support new laws that make sure women are treated equally on the job, earn equal pay as men, and are able to combat workplace discrimination.

We support affordable child care and paid family leave. You shouldn’t lose your job because you need to take care of a sick family member.

Reforming Our Immigration System

This nation is built on an immigrant legacy stretching back to the very beginning of our country. One Nation United believes that hard working immigrants with American values only enrich and improve the quality of live for all Americans.

We will support immigration reform that leads to full citizenship and defend President Obama’s executive orders on immigration that protects the DREAmers.

Fighting for Equal Rights

The Republicans have no interest in equal rights, voting rights, women’s rights, marriage rights, nor rights for the LGBT community. They would like nothing better than to return to the 1950s when only certain Americans had full rights of citizenship.

One Nation United will fight to make sure the each and every American live and work free from discrimination and institutionalized targeting of vulnerable groups of people.

Acting on Gun Violence

Republicans will not stand up to the NRA and the rest of the gun lobby. They do nothing but give excuses for not acting on gun violence. Regardless of how many Americans die each year as a result of gun violence, they refuse to pass sensible gun control laws that could prevent the next mass killing of children.

How many times must the president address the country due to the senseless killing of innocent people at the hands of  someone with an assault rifle?

Be With Us During The Elections

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Don’t sit this one out. The Republicans are spending record-setting money to keep the House and Senate majority for 2018’s election. Trump has already started fundraising. We have a very good chance of defeating them if you and every sensible American pitches-in with their time and a small donation. They have woken a sleeping giant